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Wooden vegetable garden 1200 x 800 mm – set of 3 pcs. extensions


Wooden vegetable garden 1200 x 800, wooden box for the garden

The set includes 3 levels of a vegetable garden:

  • 6 boards longer 1200 mm
  • 6 boards shorter 800 mm
  • 12 pins connecting the hinges

Discover the unlimited possibilities of your garden with the B&W wooden vegetable garden. In today’s world, where space is becoming an increasingly valuable resource, the pallet extensions offered by our company are revolutionizing the way you can grow vegetables and herbs. Whether you have a sprawling garden or a small patio, our products provide convenience, aesthetics and ergonomic solutions to turn any space into a lush vegetable garden or aromatic herb garden.

Made from the highest quality treated wood, our 1200×800 vegetable boxes are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring longevity and durability for years to come. Their unique design not only makes it easy to control the crop, but also protects your plants from pests and diseases, providing them with excellent growing conditions.

With B&W Company, growing your own vegetables and herbs has never been easier. Our pallet extensions allow easy repositioning in the garden to make the most of available sunlight and space. In addition, the ergonomic design of the products makes caring for plants a pleasure rather than a chore, minimizing the need to bend over and strain the back.

Box assembly instructions:

All you need to do is align the hinges, place the locking device in them and you’re done. You can stack more extensions on top of each other – it will take you a few moments! For customers who appreciate DIY, this is great fun. An additional interesting option is the ability to easily paint the boards in the color of your choice. Particularly in Scandinavian gardens, we can encounter colorful flowerbeds that look downright picturesque, which, incidentally, prompts their owners to brag about them on social media.


1200 mm


800 mm


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