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Wooden vegetable garden,
box for vegetables AND FLOWERS

Discover the unlimited possibilities of your garden with a wooden vegetable garden from B&W Company.
A wooden vegetable garden, in the form of a wooden box, is the best and versatile solution.

Advantages of a wooden vegetable garden

Wooden vegetable garden from pallet extensions is an ideal and aesthetic solution for any garden. We understand how important it is to start growing at the right time, so we guarantee fast shipping of our products. Vegetable boxes from B&W Company combine modern design with functionality, making any garden, balcony or terrace not only more beautiful, but also more practical. And growing flowers, herbs and other plants is even more convenient.


The ergonomic design provides maximum comfort during planting, tending and harvesting, making gardening a pleasure regardless of your experience.


Orders are processed with the utmost care and efficiency so that the pallet extensions arrive to you in perfect condition and in the shortest possible time, allowing you to immediately start creating your own vegetable garden or herb garden.


At B&W Company, we focus on the highest quality and satisfaction of our customers. Our priority is your satisfaction and confidence that the product you choose will meet all your expectations.

Wooden crates for a vegetable garden
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